Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Baking

Today I baked several cakes to test taste, baking time, etc. In order to cut down on the dome on each cake layer, I tried using Wilton Bake Even Strips around the edge of the pan and placed a flower nail in the center to the pan. The bake even strips keep the edge of the cake pan insulated allowing the outside of the cake to cook slower while the flower nail in the center of the pan helps attract heat some the center of the cake cooks faster. This worked well and the cake was relatively level. I did realize that the racks in the oven bow down in the center of the oven, therefore the each cake layer tilted to the center of the oven. We'll have to straighten out the racks so they are level.

Afterwards I made several fillings and icings, and made quarter sections of cake to taste test. I used raspberry filling, strawberry filling, lemon curd filling, chocolate ganache for filling. For icings I made Italian Meringue, Italian buttercream and chocolate ganache for icing. I used in various combinations to taste test. We had fun tasting. A winner was picked and it will be used for a baby shower cake next weekend.

On Saturday, I made some lemon bars in the form of tarts. I didn't take any pictures this weekend, sorry.

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