Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 43 - Baking bread for Practical

Today was my last practical for this class. I had to bake lavosh (to the left), baguettes (top), plain and braided pain au lait. Monday I'll begin Basic Patisserie Techniques. Patisserie is French Pastries.


  1. Hi Monique! This is so cool! I want to hear all about your experience! Are you in the diploma program? The flowers were made with a mixture of gumpaste and fondant. They were cut with a round and then ruffled with a tool. After drying, they are "glued" with gumpaste and water to their bases and then dried again before brushing them with petal dust. :-) Would love to hear back from you!

  2. Thank you! I am in a certificate program. and from looking on the internet the only difference is that i have three more classes, and my externship is 8 credit hrs. The three other classes are College Success, ServSafe, and Hospitality Career Mgmt.