Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nicolas Lodge Training

Yesterday and today I attended training at Nicolas Lodge's International Sugar Art Collection. The class was for Southern Spring Flowers made from gumpaste. I really enjoyed the class. Nicolas Lodge was a very good teacher. They even cooked lunch for the students. There were eighteen students in the class and I was the youngest student. Fourteen of the students had taken classes from here before. I will attend more classes when they fit my schedule. The class cost $280 but that is only a small part of what it cost if you need to get the tools to continue making the flowers that you learn to make. Today I spent $443 on the tools needed to make the flowers I learned to make in this class. (You can see a picture of the tools I bought on my tool page.) I guess it's the cost of doing business. To give you an idea of what it cost for these flowers, the magnolia retails for $70 each and the the daffodil is $8. These pictures are small and don't do the flowers justice. They really came out looking realistic. My favorite flowers were the cherry blossom, tulip, and the magnolia. My least favorite was the daffodil.

Cherry Blossom
Nicolas Lodge (with his big magnolia) and me.

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