Friday, June 17, 2011

Argyle Birthday Cake

I was asked to submit a potential cake design for use in the stores. The goal was to make a birthday (or any-occasion) cake for any gender. They already have several cake designs that can be changed in color. I chose to do an argyle design after seeing a sweater vest in a store. I thought the design was different and could be done in any color combination. I didn't do a full pattern all around the cake and left negative space. I utilized bright colors to draw attention, as a birthday is a joyful celebration. After doing this cake I realized that I needed to listen to my dad and practice pipping often. The lack of quality was evident in my yellow piping on the cake. And no, I'm not to proud of it. I wish that I could do the cake over again. To make it look better. But you know what, I learned from making the cake. I made the Gerber daisies that are on the cake. Most likely, you would not find the flowers on the cake in the catalogue or on the display in the store as they are cost prohibitive for most people. The cake could have been executed better, but I'll get better with each cake.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delivering cakes

My co-worker, Jen, went out of town this week and intrusted me with delivering and putting together the cakes at the delivery sites. I was so happy to do so. These are the cakes above. The scound is a 6 tier cake and the first is a 5 tier cake. It was my first time putting together such big cakes. They are heavy so you do need some help if your not strong enough to move and position the cake. But I had lots of fun, and really enjoyed it. The 6 tier was delivered to a museum and there were people all around watching me put it together. Talk about presure to do it right and not mess it up. I can't wait to get more into cakes. I'm working on it! :)