Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 48 - Practical

Today was my practical and I had to make Madeleines, Florentines, and Macaroons. I got my score today, which was a first for getting it so fast. Unfortunately, I got an 89, and I didn't expect that at all. For some reason, the Chef graded me hard and the Madeleins and the Florentines. My Madeleins looked the same as my friends but the Chef said mine were rough textured. She gave me no explanation other than maybe I scaled it wrong. Nope, I scaled the ingredients exactly right. On the Florentines, the Chef said the needed to baked more. My Macaroons were just fine. Oh well, I'll have to do better on my Opera Cake next week.

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  1. Hi Monique, I just saw your comment. School here is London is amazing but amazingly challenging as well. Doing both Pastry and Cuisine is quite an undertaking as I am sure you can imagine. We just finished our semester assessments and have our written exams next week. I cannot wait for our break at this point. How is the course in Atlanta? How long does it last for?
    Best of luck with the opera cake :)