Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 32 - Breads

Today we made Ciabatta (above), Rye, and Baguette Epi and Fougase. Ciabatta means, "slipper." I didn't really like the taste of the Ciabatta. One reason being all that flour on top wasn't that tasty on the bread, and the piece I had was an the end and it was crispy.

We made to Rye pan loaves and boy was it wonderful! I would definitely make this again. The last thing we made was Baguette dough which we turned in to Epi (below) and Fougase (bottom). The Epi looks really cool. This style is mostly used for displays and/or rolls for tables. Which I think is a pretty cool idea. The Fougase was brushed with olive oil and pepper, salt, and other spices.


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