Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baking a Birthday Cake

I baked a cake for the neighbor's daughter who is having a birthday party today. I baked two 9" layers of white cake. On top of the first layer, I coated it with a milk chocolate ganache, then put a layer of fresh raspberries, then another layer of ganache and the top layer of cake.

I covered the cake with the milk chocolate ganache. I made the yellow and pink butter cream roses last night. This is the first cake that I've ever made butter cream roses for and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. The yellow roses were the last that I made and they looked better than the pink ones. The more I made the better the roses came out. I made some green icing and made piped some green leaves. The cake, icing and filling were all picked by the birthday girl and she was very happy with the cake when I delivered it. Happy Birthday Skyler!

Monique and Skyler

10:07pm - Update: My family and I also got to taste the cake. It was very good. The neighbors were very happy with the taste as well. This puts a smile on my face.

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