Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 29 - Baking Bread

Today I started my new class, Introduction to Baking Principles and Ingredient Functions. This is a three week class, as most of the rest of the classes are. Since this is the first day of this class, the students drew numbers for table/partner assignments for the next three weeks. I was very happy that I picked a table at the front of the class near the Chef instructor. Not only that, but I'll have the table all to myself, since there is an odd number of students in this class. Currently there are 25 students in the class.

Then the Chef demonstrated how to make a loaf of white bread. As typical in these Chef demonstrations, the Chef instructor is giving a lecture. Today he talked about flours and calculating dough temperatures. So my blogs don't necessarily mention all that we are learning while watching these daily demonstrations.

Then I started my production for the day. I mixed the bread dough in the mixer, rolled it in a smooth ball, then let it proof while covered on the table. Next I degassed it by slapping it down and then shaped it like a sausage to go in a bread loaf pan. Then I proofed it in a proof box to regulate the temperature and humidity. Afterwards I baked it in the oven.

I also made apple sour starter by grating green apples, then added sugar and water. This will sit unrefrigerated for five days. This will be then be used for making bread next Monday. Today was a light day baking wise, since it was the first day of the class. Tomorrow I'll make three different breads.

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