Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 28 - Flambé

As usual, the day started out with the Chef instructor demonstration. He showed us how to make Cherries Jubilee, Bananas Foster and Crêpe Suzette. Then we started our production for the day. I made all three dishes today and all three were very simple to make. The fun part was doing the flambé on each dish.

I started off making Cherries Jubilee. We used canned cherries, which is a first for me. It came out tasting good but I kept wondering if it would have been better with fresh cherries. It didn't look as appealing to me since the canned cherries were dark looking. This dish required brandy for the flambé.

Next I made the Bananas Foster. The dish used rum for the flambé. I liked the Bananas Foster.

Last of all I made the Crêpe Suzette. This dish required Triple Sec (an orange flavored liqueur) for the flambé. I liked the Crêpe Suzette but I thought it was missing something for my taste. Maybe cream cheese, whipped cream, just something. All three dishes would have looked better if white plates would have been used and a little more careful platting, but we didn't have time for that.

Today was a short day as they told us to leave about 1.5 hours early due to the snow. The birthday cake I made on Wednesday night was hit at my mother's office. Mom came home with the empty cake carrier. Tonight I'm starting some butter cream roses for another birthday cake for a neighbor. I'll bake the cake and decorate it tomorrow morning then deliver it tomorrow afternoon. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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