Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 23 - Practical

Today we started like normal, everyone lines up and Chef walks do the line inspecting uniforms. Then we started our practical for the week. Yesterday I had prepped by making Mealy dough, Flaky dough and Pâte Sucrée. The practical today required making Frangipane Pear Tartlet and Apple Pie. The pastry cream was made by my partner and me. Then we work on our own to make the rest. I've already talked about the Frangipane Pear Tarlet the other day. The Apple Pie was made using the dough like I did the other day. The filling was just apple slices tossed in sugar and corn starch. The Mealy dough was used for the bottom pie crust. The Flaky dough was used for the top pie crust. I rolled out the Flaky dough, made the lattice, then put it in the freezer to cool so that it handles easier when placing on top the pie. Both the tartlet and pie came out well. See the attached picture of the half sheet pan with the pie and tartlets that I turned in to get graded. Like last week, I won't know my grade till next week.

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  1. So, are you enjoying the class and all the baking? I hope you are having fun while doing all this work. Do you get to choose what type of dough you use or are you instructed to use a certain type of dough for a specific item? Which do you find the easiest to make and work with and which do you find the most difficult to make and work with?