Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baking for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras

Today I baked two King Cakes using a recipe I found on

The last king cake I made was too heavy and not quite what I wanted. This recipe was much better. The recipe makes two king cakes. I made the mistake of not rolling the dough out long enough. I probably rolled each piece of dough about 10" x 24". This made for a very small oval and a little thicker than I wanted. Next time I would shoot for maybe 8" x 36". Just a guess on my part. I didn't used all of the sugar/cinnamon mixture the recipe call for before rolling up the dough. I was afraid I was putting too much, but after tasting it, I should have used it all. The king cake is very light and tasty though. I'm very happy with the outcome. I decorated one cake with sugar using the traditional Mardi Gras colors; Purple, Green, Gold. The other king cake I tried to do Black and Gold to celebrate the Saints being in the Super Bowl today. For the Black sugar I used a stencil I made by printing and cutting out a Fleur De Lis.
Geaux Saints! Who Dat!

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