Thursday, September 2, 2010

14th Day of Externship

Well, today was fun. I got to work in chocolate world all day. I made two different ganaches and completely made some molded chocolate candies, except for the foot that I will put on tomorrow. It kinda felt like it ought to be Friday the 13th. When I was spraying the the molds the air compressor fell down three times. First it fell off the the plastic bin it was sitting on that was near the table, but it was okay. Next it fell behind the plastic bin and severed the power cord. Wow, did that give me a scare, even though I know it wasn't my fault. The air compressor vibrates around on its own. So I showed Tariq and we striped the wires and put it back together. Yay! It worked again! Then it fell down again. So Tariq moved it to the bottom of the table. The next thing to go wrong was the electricity went out in the building, but only for a few minutes. Thank goodness. (Apparently we are located on a weak power grid, so it happens often.) Then when I pulled the chocolate macaroons they were purple. So, I was told not to work with them and wait till Tariq looks at them. On my way home, when I went to go fill up my gas tank. The gas station was running low so all I got was 5 gallons. I'll have to go back and finish filling up another time. What a crazy day.

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