Monday, September 20, 2010

26th Day of Externship

Boy am I working hard. I come home so tired. By the time I lay down in bed at night, I'm out like a light bulb. Last week we had huge orders of cupcakes (because of our Saints Cup Cake that we sell), and a huge order for a hotel. I got to work in the cake world for a change on Friday. I covered two square cakes with fondant to make them look like presents. They came out beautiful. Then I put together a Doberge cake (on a large scale to be cut into smaller pieces). After I put it together and let it cool, it was time to cut and Tariq said, "No you can't use that b/c of the slant." The problem was a flexible sheet pan, so as a solution I looked for the flattest sheet pans I could find to bake the cake on Saturday morning. When It came to butting it together I used a fiberglass sheet pan (it doesn't flex like the metal pans can in the center). Also Tariq showed us how to make the icing level even if one part of the cake is to thin the icing can be thicker. Well, I knew how to do that but I listened, because there is always an an opportunity to learn new techniques. On the cake I did Friday, I did do the icing correctly, but because of the metal sheet pan flexing down in the middle, well it only looked level. Once I took the cake off the sheet pan and put it on a flat surface, the cake was bowed up in the middle. After the lady cut the new one there was only a slight slant so I came close to being right. Next time I'll get it perfect. I was also presented with a new chef jacket with Sucre embroidered on it. So cool! This week I was given an evaluation from my Sucre supervisor so it could be sent to the Le Cordon Bleu externship coordinator. The review was excellent and I was so proud of myself. I will keep putting 110% into my work.

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