Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 73 - New Class

Today I started a new class which is International Patisserie Custards and Fillings. We got assigned a new class room which I don't particularly like. A culinary class used this class before us and they aren't particularly clean. The walk-in smells which isn't the type of smells you want to impart into your pastries. Oh well!
Today I made St. Honore which are cream puffs with caramel and in the center is chiboust. Chiboust is Pastry Cream with gelatin mixed together with Italian Meringue. Then it has whipped cream piled on top. I was supposed to have a sugar cage on top but I ran out of time today and was unable to complete it. I'll have to make this on my practical next Monday.
On my practical last week, I received a 97. Yippee!

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