Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 60 - Beginning Viennoiserie & Laminate Dough

Today was my second day back to class after spring break. Notice, the title is Day 60. You ask, "What happened to Day 58 & 59?" Well, I missed Day 58 of class. One the first day of school the instructors passed out a calender, which listed April 5th as the last day of spring break and the new class beginning on April 6th. So 4 students missed class on Monday because they didn't get a notice in the mail that the calender had an error. I was not excited about that. On Tuesday I played catch up, so I didn't get any pictures. So I'll had to go into school early today to catch up.
Today I made Bear Claws (bottom left above), Vol au Vent (top left above), Snails (top right above), and Pin Wheels (bottom right above). The Bear Claws where a little dark, but the others where fine. These are all basically just Danish.
The Sticky Buns (above) tasted terrific. They have Sticky Bun Smear on top which is maple syrup, brown sugar, butter, rum, salt, vanilla extract and pecans.

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