Monday, January 4, 2010

Orientation - My exciting first day.

Ok, so I lied. Orientation was anything but exciting. I arrived early, as I didn't want to be late. Starting time was 7:30am. I was told to be there wearing a white shirt and black pants. As I'm waiting in the lobby, I notice most people arriving are wearing jeans and t-shirts. Boy, did I feel a little odd. Oh well, I followed the instructions given to me.

Eventually they ushered everyone into a room and we all sat some more. The fun is killing me by now. Then the real crowd pleaser began. Four hours of presentations on career services, financial aid, appropriate hygiene, uniform do's and don'ts, etc., etc. Finally we all got in a long line to make sure we paid or had financial aid arranged before we got our prizes of the day. You ask "What were the prizes?" We received our books, shoes and uniforms. The sprial bound class books were 14 pounds, the nice hard bound Le Cordon Bleu "Professional Baking" book and work book were also heavy, the shoes were heavy and the uniforms were bulky. I guess the books are all that I will need during the whole program and there were quite a few. I received five each of the following; black and white checked pants, chef jackets, aprons, skull caps, cravat (which I have no idea how to tie). And then I got 10 hand towels. By the time I got it all back to my car, well let's say my knuckles drag the ground now just like an ape.

Tomorrow, I'll start my first real day of class in Food Science from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.

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