Thursday, January 28, 2010

Answering a question on Brysselkex cookies.

Carol asked how the Brysselkex cookies are made. I can send the recipe, but they don't taste that good. But the visual look of the cookies are great.

First you make two pieces of dough, one vanilla and one chocolate. These are each rolled out about ¼” thick. You use two metal bars (one on each side of the dough) that help make the dough a uniform ¼” thickness. (think about the rolling pin to roll on top of these two metals rods so the rolling pin is ¼” above the table). It's hard to explain in writing. The bars are also used as straight edges to cut the dough in straight strips later.
So after rolling out the two pieces of dough, it is then refrigerated for 15 minutes.
Then you pull the dough out of the refrigerator. Lay the vanilla dough on the table, brush with egg-wash, the lay down the chocolate dough on top of the vanilla dough. Now you have a vanilla/chocolate dough sandwich.
Now take this vanilla/chocolate sandwich, and cut it in half leaving you with two identical pieces of vanilla/chocolate dough sandwich.
Now on top of one vanilla/chocolate sandwich, brush with egg-wash, and then place the other vanilla/chocolate dough sandwich on top.
This leaves you with a piece of laminated dough with four layers (bottom to top, vanilla-chocolate-vanilla-chocolate.)
This four-layer dough is now cut into strips, which are ¼” wide and maybe a foot long. You need four of these strips.
Are you still with me?
So now you will reassemble these four strips and glue them together with egg-wash between them. Using words, I’ll diagram this below (this is an end-view):

Strip1 Strip2 Strip3 Strip4

Van - Cho - Van - Cho
Cho - Van - Cho - Van
Van - Cho - Van - Cho
Cho - Van - Cho - Van

Again this is an end-view, and you put egg-wash between each strip (column in the word diagram). These strips now make a 4x4 matrix, about 1" square and about 1 foot or so longer. Place this in to refrigerator again.
After chilling, you can cut the foot long 4x4 matrix into ¼” thick cookies, which now look like checker boards. Then baked and voila, you have made the Swedish classic Brysselkex cookies.
I hoped this explains it. I would hate to have to make these cookies again just to take pictures of how to make them.

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