Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Externship

When I got to the bakery this morning, my supervisor showed me around the shop and gave me an apron and two towels. Then I went strait to work on matching up macaroons by size and filling them. It was a bit time consuming, because the bakery just got a new machine to make the macaroons instead of doing it by hand (in order to make the macaroons faster) but unfortunately, the machine was having problems keeping the size consistent. After that, I scaled out a huge recipe for cup cakes and mixed it in a 30 qt. mixer. Boy was that heavy! When it came time to put the mix in the cup cake pans they had this machine that pumped out 4 cup cakes at a time. It helped make the process move quickly. The top of the machine where I had to pour the mix in was high up and the bucket of mix was too heavy for me to lift all by myself. So I had to politely ask one of the guys in the shipping room to help me for a quick second. Next, I started with the chocolate mix they had made the other day, but when I went to pour it in the top of the machine, I made a mess. Oops! :( I was embarrassed. I thought I could handle it myself since it was a much smaller batch of mix. I should have thought through the situation before diving in. I won't do that again. I baked off half of the cup cakes and had to save the rest for tomorrow because I didn't have time to bake them off today. After storing them, I cut up one pan of vanilla marshmallows and coated them with powdered sugar. I was not given too much to do, but I felt like I was moving to slow, and a burden on the other three workers. But I guess everyone has a first day. We all have to start somewhere. The one nice thing is that they have a dedicated dishwasher, but of course you still have to wash the small things when it's needed more than once. All things considered, my first day was not so bad.

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