Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Day of Externship

Well, today was a little better than yesterday. The first thing they had me do was to scale out a double batch of BAC cookies (which is kind of a basic cookie dough). Then they had me finish mixing the chocolate cup cake mix that I had started the day before. I then stored the cup cakes that I baked off yesterday and this morning, and put them them away. After that was done I scooped around 300 BAC cookies. Wow, did my arm hurt after scooping 300 cookies. I didn't get a chance to bake off the chocolate cup cake mix today, but a lady will do that tomorrow. I also made some strawberry mousse cakes for a hotel. When I started making the strawberry mouse and piped it out, I ended up short a few cakes. So I had to make more. Now I'm not sure if it was because I incorrectly scaled it or just that the recipe didn't make enough. I boxed xocolate's for another day. I also boxed some pecan rolls for a well known restaurant in New Orleans. Apparently we do wholesale orders for many other businesses as well as our own store.

Today I met Tariq Hanna the Executive Pastry Chef of Sucré. Tariq is a very pleasant and laid back man. He asked me a few questions, like where I am from, and why I chose Sucré. Tariq found it funny that I didn't want to travel the hour or more to any of the bakeries in Atlanta, but that I wanted to move to New Orleans to bake. I told him it was for the experience, as well as his and the shop's reputation.

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  1. haha! good for you! over here they keep asking why on earth i came alll the way to cali...the experience... :)