Monday, August 23, 2010

6th Day of Externship

Well, today was much of the same as last week. Baking off BAC's, storing baked goods, and other miscellaneous tasks. When I started cutting chocolate caramels, the assistant pastry chef said it was all wrong. I felt horrible, but I was doing it the way I was being shown by another girl in the kitchen. The assistant pastry chef told me not to take it personal, but I can't help it because I take my work seriously. Also, I believe I fixed the problem I've been having with the BAC's because the recipe told me dry then wet, but in school it was always wet then dry with the creaming method. So, when it came time to make another batch of BAC's today, I asked the assistant pastry chef, about the correct method. She confirmed that I had learned correctly in school and should do it that way. And so I did what I thought was correct and the batter looked like cookie batter. So I will see how that bakes off tomorrow. After that, I did another batch of chocolate caramel's for the store.


  1. Hang in there. I promise it gets easier. I had my first job in a restaurant just last summer. In much the same way as you are in your first real bakery after being in school. There was some time when my body ached from standing so long and lifting heavy pots, bus bins and mixing bowls. There were tears in the walk-in or on the drive home sometimes but now a year later I find it practically effortless. I find it generally takes a good month to adjust to a new place and find your groove. You will get there. So far it sounds like you're doing great and you're in a great environment. Having a good place to do your externship is so important and opens so many doors and it sounds like you found a great one. Good luck. You will do awesome, don't be too hard on yourself. It just takes time. Remember the people you work with have probably been doing this for years and years.

  2. Thank you!