Thursday, August 19, 2010

3rd Day of Externship

Well, today I had a tough time trying to keep the pace up. First, I had to make a big batch of pastry cream, and I burned it. I burned it because I didn't stir quick enough, and I think that maybe the flame was set to high for the speed I was stirring. I felt horrible and got teary eyed. But Tariq (the executive pastry chef) was happy to show me how to do it. That made me feel a bit better about it. Then I filled, iced, and decorated 210 cup cakes. Because I was being shown the way to make each flavor of butter cream, and how to decorate each cup cake, I felt like I was moving slow. There where six flavors of cup cakes; vanilla - chocolate, vanilla - strawberry, vanilla - lemon, chocolate - chocolate, chocolate - caramel, and chocolate - salted caramel. In between the cupcakes, I made a batch of lime curd for the Gelato chef. I also helped pack up orders for tomorrow. Today was crazy with all the different things going on, and boy did it make me tired. Also I get tired because working in a real production bakery is a lot different than working in school. When you stir huge pots of pastry cream or mix up 30 quart pots of cup cake batter, well let's just say it's a real workout for my arms. I'm sure my muscles will build up over time.

Oh yeah, I'm off on Wednesdays and Sundays. So that's why I didn't have a post yesterday.

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