Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 81 - Long Day

Above is a Charlotte Russe that I made on Wednesday and plated today. It's made with a base and ring of lady fingers, filled with chocolate mousse, topped with Bavarian cream. All this is covered with chocolate glaze.

The picture above is a dental cake. I made this on Tuesday and plated today. This is made with Jaconde (cake), apricot mouse, raspberry mouse, and topped with strawberry glaze. The red cookie on top is almond twill. This tasted so good, that I ate two. Yummm......
After school, I ate a sandwich at Subway then headed to the Wilton Cake Decorating Course #2. Tonight was the first class. It was cool since there are only four students. They would have canceled this class, but they found out too late that there was only four students. Bad for them, good for me. Tonight we reviewed shell and reverse shell borders. We also worked on rosettes and mums.

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  1. I hate to even look at your blog. I have never seen so many scrumptous things in my life. I leave the blog wishing and starvingg.