Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 78 - Practical and Matty Cakes Class

Today was a practical test and I made a St. Honoré (above). It came out pretty good.

After I left school today, I headed down to The Cook's Warehouse to take a cake decorating class. The class is instructed by Pastry Chef Matt, (owner) of Matty Cakes Bakery. Above is the cake I worked on tonight. I cut the layers, put butter cream between the layers, crumb coated it, iced it, then I worked on the border and then did the gum paste on top. We used a pasta machine to make ribbons. I think there were about 12 students in the class. This is a three night class, three hours per night, and it will continue for the next two Monday nights. I had a good time.

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