Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sarah's Baby Shower Cake

Well, this week I was busy prepping for Valentine's Day weekend at work and then making the baby shower cake for my cousin's baby shower. Oh boy, did I work hard.

The cake is white chocolate cake, raspberry jam filling, and almond Swiss butter cream. It was absolutely fabulous. Even the fondant tasted good. I had lots of fun decorating the cake with fondant. I made the blocks out of rice crispy treats, and the cherry blossoms are gum paste. I'm tickled pink over my 1st real fondant cake. Yes, there are still things I need to work on, but it's all in the practice. That makes it all the more fun for me.
The shower announcement was the inspiration for the theme of the cake.
Here I am working on the cake at work.

The baby shower cake.

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  1. Beautiful cake! I just found your blog, and i'm enjoying it very much :)