Monday, February 7, 2011

First week of Gelato

I started my very first week of making and running the gelato station at work. Boy is it busy and fun. This is the first time I am in charge of something this big. Well, big to me. I got the order in Monday and both stores together ordered 142 pans of gelato. That's about 31 to 35 spins (a process in the ice cream batch freezer) depending on what type of gelato or sorbet they request. If I did nothing else but set up spins and run them in my scheduled time, I could only fit in 11 spins each day. But since that is not the case I might only get to 9 spins. I also got an order on Wednesday but it was not as bad.

I'm enjoying all the hard work I am putting into my new position.

The funny thing is that the girl I worked with while doing chocolate has now decided to leave. So either at the end of February or after Mardi Gras season I will be back to making chocolate and the king cake maker will be making gelato. My career is not boring that's for sure. :)

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