Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something New

Since the busy season is dying down, the bosses are going to have me start working with Larkin, the gelato man at Sucré. I'm really looking forward to learning more. Speaking of learning more, I am applying to culinary school to learn the hot food side now. YEA!

I made my first white lasagna on Monday, and it had lots of good flavor. The only thing is I should have used half and half (instead of heavy cream) for the sauce and more spinach. I had fun making it.

I am on count down till my graduation ceremony for Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta. I'll have to fly up to Atlanta for the weekend. I graduate with High Honors and Exemplary Attendance. I'm so happy!

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  1. wow, so you are really going to go for the hot foods side too! :) i've loved working the line here at Momed...I think it might be my niche after all. haha. But I can't wait for graduation! I'm flying home today..and had to remember my blue cravat and everything. Can't wait to see you!