Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 125 - Great News!

This past week, I nailed down where I am doing my externship at. Last Monday I mailed my cover letter and resume to six places I would like to serve my externship. Three places responded quickly. Two of the places where my top two choices. By Saturday, I had made a decision, then firmed up plans to go to New Orleans and extern at Sucré. I had read about the Pastry Chef, Tariq Hanna, in several places and was very impressed by his skills and success. Also all of my family is basically from New Orleans and N.O. is one of the great food towns in the country.
My externship requirement is for 6 weeks and then I will be finished with the Patisserie and Baking Program at Le Cordon Bleu. But hopefully I will continue working at Sucre for 6 more weeks. The required six weeks is just not enough time to learn very much in my opinion. I am very excited and can not wait to start on August 16th. Who knows where this could lead, the sky is the limit.

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  1. YAY!!!! I am going to miss you soo much while you are gone. I will reward you when you come home with an extravagant date!