Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orchids for a wedding cake

Before I took a week off work for the Nicholas Lodge class, I had learned that Sucré had an order for a wedding cake with orchids. I asked if I could make them. When I got back I volunteered again, and was given permission to make the orchids. I was super-excited, especially since I had just learned to make three different types of orchids in the class.
I asked my co-worker how many, what type, color, and size. I spread the work out over five nights. I was volunteering to make these, so I wasn't getting paid for my time or materials.

1st evening) I made the gum paste,
2nd evening) made centers and started a few petals,
3rd evening) finished petals,
4th evening) attached the throats,
5th evening) assembled and dusted with color.

I think they look beautiful!

Well, I brought the orchids into work the day before the cake was due and found out that the couple had canceled the cake order. Talk about a way to completely bum you out. I spent all that time and money and the flowers would not be used. It's easy to understand why a bakery should require deposits on special order cakes. And the deposit should not be refundable once work is begun.
The good thing is that I got good practice even if they are not being put on a cake. But the flowers would have been beautiful on top of a wedding cake.

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  1. Orchids for a wedding cake! Sounds great and these are looking very beautiful. We just got married at some domestic Los Angeles wedding venues and it was a fairy themed party. We too used beautiful original flowers for the decorations and cake as well.