Monday, October 4, 2010

5th Day of Work - Macaroons

I would have to say that by far the toughest things I have done at Sucré is lifting the 40 qt. mixer bowl in order to pour out the marshmallow on the sheet pans. The second toughest to do is all the leaning over required in working with the macaroons. I think it is the height of the table tops and the distance that I have to reach over the table while piping.

On part of Thursday and Friday, I matched and piped the filling in about 2,000 macaroons in a little more than 6 hours. This is much faster than when I started doing this. Averaging around 333 macaroons an hour is a very respectable rate of production. I was impressed with myself and am quite proud of picking up the pace.

On Saturday, I helped make the macaroons for breast cancer month. They are pink and beige macaroon shells, and are filled with a toasted almond butter cream and strawberry jam. They are yummy. My first week as a paid patisserie cook went really well.


  1. I love your Macs! I think the Mac Tweet challenge this month is themed around Breast Cancer awareness month, you should totally enter these, they're perfect x

  2. Congratulations! You have achieved another milestone. Cindy didn't even bring me a goodie. You two are on my list.

  3. These are great looking.
    Yeah I bet if the counters aren't at the right height it would cause some back strain.