Friday, December 10, 2010

A busy and sad week

Last Sunday, I baked my first German Chocolate Cake for my uncle's birthday. It was a huge hit. I tried it, but I still do not like the texture of coconut. But the cake was good.

The New Store by Lakeside finally opened on Monday, December 6th. Not too many customers yet, mostly because they haven't done any major advertising for it. I went in early Monday and helped get products ready to ship to the store, and was under the impression that I was going to go help set up the store. But it ended up that they needed me more at the bakery, so I stayed. On Thursday I had to empty out the dark chocolate tank and put in milk chocolate to make milk chocolate bark. And I found out the tank holds about 50 pounds of chocolate. That is a lot of chocolate and it made me think about how much chocolate I must go through each week. I haven't really added it up, but it must be several hundred pounds a week. Mostly we use dark chocolate, some white chocolate and some milk chocolate.

On Wednesday, I got sad news about of my doggy, Noel. He passed away and it was totally unexpected. Noel who was a 7 year old papillon, was the first puppy we added to our family. He was the sweetest and most loving puppy anybody could ever want as a part of a family. He is greatly missed.

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